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Let’s talk about getting that Real Estate License! In order to obtain your real estate license, you’ll need to successfully pass the broker pre-licensing course. We offer day, evening and weekend classes across our different campuses and online to accommodate your schedule. The course is between 75 and 85 hours long that requires at least 80% attendance. At the end of the class there will be a course exam that requires a passing grade of 75% or higher on the national and state sections.  Once you have passed the course exam and met the other course completion requirements you will go on to submit your application for license.  Submitting your license application will also open your opportunity to schedule to take the National & State licensing exams (this is scheduled outside of the School and costs $156 for the application and exam fees.) Once you pass both of those exams and your background check comes back (background check costs a minimum of $30) without issue, then you will receive your real estate license issued by the NC Real Estate Commission (NCREC).

Once you have your license you will need to affiliate with a real estate firm and be supervised by a Broker-In-Charge (BIC) for at least two years. A lot of firms require you to become a REALTOR® which is a membership that costs roughly $521.00 annually depending on the local Association you join. A one time orientation/application fee (roughly $200 to $300) is also typically assessed by the Association.  Dues are prorated monthly. Additionally, you will need access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) which is billed on a quarterly basis, roughly $50 each month depending on which local Association of Realtors you join. You can learn more about becoming a REALTOR® at

For a complete outline of the licensing process, including post-licensing requirements, review the following brochure from the NC Real Estate Commission:

What are some of the requirements to obtain my license?

Be at least 18 years old

Be a US Citizen, non-citizen national or qualified alien

Possess a Social Security Number

Successfully complete the 75 hour pre-licensing course

Successfully pass the national and state licensure exams

I have something questionable on my background, will I still be approved?

An individual with a criminal history may petition the Commission for a predetermination of whether the individual’s criminal history will likely disqualify the individual from obtaining a real estate license. This petition can be made at any time, including before taking the 75-hour North Carolina Broker Prelicensing Course. More information on this petition process is provided on the Commission’s website ( under Licensing.

I want to learn more about obtaining my real estate license. What resource is available?

Please review the Real Estate Licensing in North Carolina information booklet for complete details:

Can I take this course online?

Yes! The broker pre-licensing course is now offered online in North Carolina.  The Go School of Real Estate provides in-person classroom schedules (Cary, Raleigh and Charlotte) as well as live online schedules via the Zoom platform.  A third option for completing the pre-licensing course is a self-paced online course that doesn’t involve an instructor or classmates and may be stopped and started as needed within a 180-day period.  Email us at with any questions you may have regarding any of the course options.

What will my title be once I am licensed?

Titles of real estate agents are different from state to state. In North Carolina, you will be recognized as a Broker (Real Estate Agent is acceptable as well.) There are different broker statuses. When you are first licensed your status will be a Provisional Broker, or PB, meaning that all of your brokerage activity needs to be monitored by a Broker-In-Charge and you must be affiliated with a real estate firm.  Once you have successfully completed 90 hours of post-licensing courses (yes, we offer these as well at Go School!) then you will be recognized as a Broker having dropped the provisional status. The final designation in North Carolina is a Broker-In-Charge. This designation comes with more responsibilities, more education and at least two years of full-time real estate experience.

What are post-licensing classes?

There are three post-licensing classes required in North Carolina that must be successfully completed within 18-months of licensure to achieve full broker status. They are called Post-301, Brokerage Relationships & Responsibilities, Post 302, Contracts and Closing, and Post 303, NC License Law, Rules and Legal Terms . Each course is 30 hours in length and may be taken in any order.  Courses are currently offered live online.  In-person classes and online self-paced classes are not currently available.

How can I succeed in the pre-licensing course?

There is a lot of course material that is covered in such a short amount of time and in order to absorb it all you’ll need to study!  Just showing up to class will not put you on the path for success. Participate, study, ask questions and engage!  Expect and plan to put in at least 15 additional hours each week outside of the class hours in order to best prepare for the course exams and the state licensing exams that follow.  Students who commit this time and don’t fall behind along with participating regularly in small study groups and completing at least five practice quizzes/exams each week are most often the students that succeed in the pre-licensing course.

Additionally, for our virtual class students, it’s super important that you set yourself up for success by creating a learning environment free of distraction.  Staying engaged and focused online can sometimes be more difficult than in our controlled classroom environment.  Consider this when preparing to take a virtual class.

I am going to miss a class or two, is that ok?

As important as it is to attend each and every class, you are allowed to miss up to 20% of the broker pre-licensing course (equates to roughly 16 to 17 instructional hours) and up to 10% (3 hours max) of each post-licensing class. The time that you miss can not be made up.  You will need to talk with your instructor regarding material missed to make sure that you don’t get behind!  If you miss the maximum amount of time allowed you will lose your eligibility to complete the end-of-course exam and will need to repeat the entire course.

What if I can't finish the course I enroll in because I've fallen too far behind or I have something come up?

If you’re unable to finish a course that’s already started you may be eligible to put your enrollment on hold if you notify us before the fourth class session.  We will apply your tuition credit towards a future course as long as you re-enroll within 6-months.

If you’re unable to attend a course that you’re enrolled in but that hasn’t started, you may be eligible to cancel your enrollment up to 48-hours prior to the course start date and receive a refund of your tuition minus a $75 cancellation fee.

For complete details on this and other School policies, please refer to the Go School’s Policy and Procedure Disclosure at