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Let’s talk about getting that Real Estate License! In order to obtain your real estate license, you’ll need to successfully pass the broker pre-licensing course. We offer day, evening and weekend classes across our different campuses to accommodate your schedule. The course is between 75 and 80 hours long that requires 80% attendance. At the end of the class there will be a class exam that requires a passing grade of 75% or higher on the national and state sections.  Once you have passed the class exam you would go on to submit your application to take the National & State licensing exams (this is scheduled outside of the School and costs $164 for the application and exam fees.) Once both of those exams have been passed and your background check comes back (background check costs a minimum of $30) then you will receive your real estate license.

Once you have your license then you will need to affiliate with a real estate firm. A lot of firms require you to become a REALTOR® which is a membership that costs $521.00 annually. The association also charges a $300.00 orientation fee that is due at the time of registration. Dues are prorated monthly. You will need access to the MLS which is billed on a quarterly basis of $150 ($50 each month.) You can learn more about becoming a REALTOR® here.

It is really important to research the real estate company that you associate with as each one provides different perks, training programs, and are more specialized in helping new agents kick start their career.

What are some of the requirements to obtain my license?

Be at least 18 years old

Be a US Citizen, non-citizen national or qualified alien

Possess a Social Security Number

Successfully complete the 75 hour pre-licensing course

Successfully pass the national and state licensure exams

I have something questionable on my background, will I still be approved?

This step is completely covered by the NC Real Estate Commission. Please connect with them at to learn more about the background check process.

I want to learn more about obtaining my real estate license. What resource is available?

Please review the Real Estate Licensing in North Carolina information booklet for complete details:

Can I take this course online?

Nope! The state of North Carolina does not currently recognize online real estate courses to receive your certificate. All learning is done in the classroom, but that’s ok… we’ve got comfy chairs, plenty of snacks, innovative classrooms and some pretty entertaining instructors!

What will my title be once I am licensed?

Titles of real estate agents are different from state to state. In North Carolina, you will be recognized as a Broker (Real Estate Agent is acceptable as well.) There are different levels of being a broker. When you are first licensed you will be a Provisional Broker (or PB, this means that all of your brokerage activity needs to be monitored by a Broker-In-Charge.) Once you have successfully completed 90 hours of post-licensing courses (yes, we offer these as well at Go School!) then you will be recognized as a Broker. The final designation in North Carolina is a Broker-In-Charge. This designation comes with more responsibilities, more education and at least two years of real estate experience.

What are post-licensing classes?

There are three post-licensing classes required in North Carolina that must be successfully completed within 18-months of licensure to achieve full broker status. They are called Post-301, Brokerage Relationships & Responsibilities, Post 302, Contracts and Closings, and Post 303, NC License Law, Rules and Legal Terms . Each course is 30 hours in length and may be taken in any order.

How can I succeed in the pre-licensing course?

If you are considering spending your money and 75 hours of your time in the classroom to obtain your real estate license, please put the work in! Just showing up to class will not put you on the path for success. Participate, study, ask questions and engage! You’ll need to put in time outside of the classroom as well to dedicate to your studies. There is a lot of course material that is covered in 75 hours and in order to absorb it all you’ll need to study!

I am going to miss a class or two, is that ok?

As important as it is to attend each and every class, you are allowed to miss up to 20% of the course (which equates to 15 to 16 hours depending on total instructional hours.) The time that you miss can not be made up, but you are welcome to sit in on another class (with proper notice) to learn any material missed. You will also need to talk with your instructor regarding material missed to make sure that you don’t get behind!  If you miss the maximum amount of time allowed you will lose your eligibility to complete the end-of-course exam and will need to repeat the entire course.